Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Could it really be the last???

I am not usually one for posting very often, but let it be said that Marc Almond has just set the release date for what is supposedly being called his final album of original songs. Named VARIETE, it is set for release in the second week of June (7th supposedly), and is a double album. This is the first published tracklist I have seen from a fairly reputable source (and it has yet to be posted on Amazon, although you can preorder it in deluxe or regular formats, whatever that may mean):

Bread and Circus
Nijinsky Heart
The Exhibitionist
The Trials of Eyeliner
Soho So Long
It's All Going On
Cabaret Clown
My Madness and I
But Not Today
Swan Song
Sin Song
My Evil Twin
A Lonely One
Cat Dancer
Criminal Lover
I Am No One
Kiss the Ghost (Goodbye)

Hopefully this will not really be his last album of original material as suggested. Marc brings so many colors to the world in his writing that others may copy but just don't surpass. He hasn't toured the US in 10 years, yet his fanbase remains loyal as ever. I, for one, cannot wait!